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We are Jade Housing Management Services (Jade HMS), committed to make life of housing society member’s and officer bearers organized, stress free and information friendly. In today’s world of fast pace life, people often fall short of commitment in meeting social needs. Therefore, one tends to overlook most fundamental part of our living i.e. our housing societies. We live in a society and have a moral obligation to contribute back to well being of our community and environment. This is where Jade HMS steps in to offer you transparency and convenience of your home/mobile, to allow society stakeholders such as members, office bearers, Society Manager and External Auditor in managing society office chores meeting, by remove ones need to be personally present.

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What You’re Getting

Each user will gain access to separate login. Primary office bearers will gain admin rights to govern and view information across their society, thus reducing need for unwanted paper work and conduct daily operations smoothly
Circulate meeting notices and agenda in advance. Ability to save notices in draft and submit when finalized
If you are member of more than 1 unit/flat in the same housing society or more than one societies at different locations and those societies are also on-boarded to Jade Society’s platform then you would be able to access all society related matters for respective units in single user login
View copy of audit memos received from statutory auditors or reports received from internal auditor. Review committee’s annual reports before finalizing in AGM
Flexibility to maintain any documentation at Society or Member level. Also, maintain statutory forms and registers 
paperless such as
  1. Share Register
  2. Form I
  3. Form J
  4. Register of Active members
  5. Nomination Register
  6. Sinking Fund Register
  7. Audit Rectification register
  8. Investment Register
  9. Member’s Mortgage Register
  10. Society’s Loan Register
  11. Property Register for furniture & fixtures
  12. Minutes of meeting
Circulate minutes of meeting to selective or all the members of the society. Ability to save draft MoM and submit when finalized
The application facilitates submission of monthly maintenance/service charge bills to several users in one Go. Thus, saving time by selecting all bills in bulk and submitting to member’s dashboard
Deliberate and create external correspondence with Builder/Promoter, cooperative registrar, Municipal cooperation and etc. This functionality allows you to draft letters from the convenience of your mobile phone or desktop and then allows to generate physical document in standard letter format after finalization
Raise grievances/ complaints through an online workflow directly with core office bearers. Designated office bearers can review the grievance and respond immediately
A project tracking system to recognize all the tasks that are required to mitigate challenges and problems for successful delivery of society's strategic requirement. You can create projects, sub tasks within it, assign to various users and track its status till end date. Sends email alerts to assignees when project is added, end date is approaching closer or end date has expired
Access to all the pre-defined forms and annexures prescribed as per the bye-laws. One can add and edit these forms to serve as applications request for official documentation between member and primary office bearers. A complete paperless solution to serve your documentation needs
Track domestic help’s working within the society such as maids, servants, driver’s household engagement and their personal details across several units/flats across the society. Members can share feedback about their help personnel’s with other members who intend to engage them
Book facilities of your society online and track it’s approval status. Convenient for primary Office bearers to access such request from their desktop or mobile phone and approve or reject
Send and track personal invitations to selective society members. This feature can be used to send invitation for ceremonies or functions by adding event description, venue location and timings. More essentially, you can plan resource required based upon invited members confirmed response such as accepted, rejected or tentative
Capture details of fixed asset purchased, scan bills, add vendor contracts and track service history
Discuss/Chat issues in personal or public forum. The application facilitates to discuss ideas and issues amongst society members (Public forum), between selective society members or office bearers and committee members (Private Forum). The initiator of the chat remains responsible to observe discipline amongst contributing members and gets right to end the chat if discipline is not maintained. Essentially, the administrator of society gets right to delete entire chat thread that contains controversial discussions
Conduct paperless elections by voting anonymously for society elections and relieve from tracking members responses
Post requirements to buy, sell or rent your property within your society members. You can also post similar requirements for second hand vehicles, furniture. The application does not encourage or promotes any kind commercial interests but only facilitates to find prospective requirement satisfier arising out of stay within the society
Get Cashbook, Balance sheet, Trial balance, General ledger, Income & expenditure statement uploaded on monthly basis and access it online
Register all the vehicles of your society and track their parking allotments. Segregate between allotted and un-allotted parking lots for periodic re-assignment within the members

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